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RPS ends relationships with many big names...wins even more!
July 12, 2006

2006 looked to be a tough season for RPS. As a course of strategy, RPS ended most of its sponsorships with "Top Names". It wasn't for any negative reason between RPS and its riders, but rather customers did not believe RPS was a significant reason for the success of the 2005 stable of RPS sponsored riders. So what has happened? Well, the winning continues and RPS is working to develop the next generation of great riders and endurance teams  in CMRA competition. RPS has additionally re-focused on its rider training to ensure riders not only have great suspension, but are able to twist the throttle aggressively in pursuit of wins and championships.  RPS still continues to sponsor riders such as Ricky Orlando and Mike Applegate in MRA action. It is no coincidence that Mike Applegate is undefeated in MRA ( 750 class competition. RPS also wants to give kudos out to Jonas McCluskey. Jonas has been riding his three year old R-6 this year and beating the pants off of big names. Jonas finished in the top 20 of the AMA national he participated in, and is still running up front and winning in WERA north central action. What is his secret? RPS suspension...GO FIGURE!!!

So who are some of the RPS sponsored riders and customers in CMRA ( action? As of July 2006, this is what the field looks like:

Danny Kelsey - The 2006 RPS Pro Development Rider has won over 25 races in 6 weekends of CMRA competition in the highly competitive Superstock and Superbike classes. Prior to 2006, Danny had only raced one weekend. Danny has 32 wins and podium finishes in the novice ranks this season. Danny has been running within 2-3 seconds off the fastest expert times despite only having a few races under his belt! RPS and Danny Kelsey will be a partnership to be watched!

Dane Westby - Dane uses RPS suspension services exclusively and it is no coincidence that he is a winner not only in the CMRA, but also has won WERA Nationals this season. Dane has over 30 wins and podium finishes in the expert ranks this season

Chase Vivion - Chase has done a great job this year. He just won his first "big bike" spring (B Superbike Expert) in July and is looking like he is ready to step it up another level. Chase has over 30 wins and podium finishes in the expert ranks this season.

Bill Drake - Bill jumped off the deep end and moved from his GSXR-600 straight to a 1000. RPS and Bill have worked hard together and now Bill is leading the A Superbike class and is 2nd in the Formula 1 class. Bill also is still fighting for the A Superstock Championship while currently holding down 3rd place. Bill has over 15 podium finishes in the expert ranks this season.

Tony Moore - Tony would probably be one of the big stars of the show except that Danny Kelsey decided he wanted to try road racing. Tony is 2nd in several classes (only to Danny  in most). Tony has been one of the most consistent novices in CMRA action during 2006. Tony has over 30 wins and podium finishes in the novice ranks this season

Dustin Meador - Dustin is a long time RPS customer and a favorite. When Dustin isn't riding to victory with Chris Romeo and Dane Westby of Junk Yard Dog racing, he is either riding his Motard to wins or wrenching on Dane Westby's sprint bikes. Watch out for Dustin anytime he is on the starting grid.

Todd Fleeman - Todd has done great. A heavy workload has left no time for practice, but when Todd does race once a month, his does usually very well. Todd is currently in the Top 5 of almost all of his classes. Todd has over 20 wins and podium finishes in the novice ranks this season.

Carlos Lescale - Carlos is positioned to do very well this season. Although he his missed a race due to personal circumstances, he has been steadily getting quicker and quicker. He is a consistent top-10 finisher on his 2006 R-6.

Steven Sinclair - Steven is doing great in the classic class on his Ducati. 900 and is running solid at all tracks with several podium finishes this season. RPS looks forward to working with this young and talented rider.

Daniel Sinclair - Daniel is good rider that is still coming into his own. He is on the verge of great riding and RPS looks forward to seeing Daniel continue to improve. Daniel is doing well in all of his classes with consistent points finishes.

Chris Romeo - Chris is both a suspension customer and rider training services customer. His endurance team is also sponsored by RPS. Chris has started really started stepping up his riding since he took riding lessons and quickly ran up front AND set the fastest lap in one of his races. He is in championship contention this year and we expect big wins in the second half of the season. Chris has over 20 podium finishes in the expert ranks this season.

Scott Ferguson - Scott is well recognized as the 18 year-old over 40 rider in the CMRA. Scott is fearless and does not hesitate to put a wheel on you despite the fact that he calls the over 40 class his main class. A back injury has slowed down Scott a bit this year and he has missed a round or two, but you won't be able to tell that by his laptimes. Scott will be finishing out the season on his GSXR-1000. We look forward to working with Scott. 

David LaRue - What can you say about David that isn't a good thing? David has been with the CMRA for over 15 years. David has been really doing great, but has stepped up his lap times since RPS built his Super Motard Forks and re-sprung his shock this year. We are pleased that David has chosen RPS for his Motard needs.

Dicki McFarland - Dicki has had a tough year. An illness in the family may very well sideline Dicki for the remainder of the year. Dicki came to RPS to get his Motard to run with the class leaders. Within 2 races, Dicki was running fast enough to win, but a cracked head pipe thrwarted the opportunity for the win. After that race, Dicki dedicated more time to care of his family and we hope God blesses his family with good health so that we can see Dicki back out there battling for wins.

Brent Wood - Brent has been a longtime customer of RPS. Brent races in both the CMRA and CCS races. Brent has been fast in both clubs and has run near the front no matter what region he races. We are glad Brent chose RPS for his suspension needs.

Christopher Corder - Chris and his wife Paige are friends of RPS owner Marcus McBain as well as wife Renate McBain. Chris has challenged very strongly in all of his classes. His SV650 has always handled well and Chris can now be found turning wrenches on his new Aprilia 2 stroke road racers. 

Joe Raley - Joe broke his foot early in the season and it looked like he was going to miss the season opener. NO WAY FOR JOE!!! Joe has rode very well this year despite trying to heal a broken foot and the result has been strong positions in the class championship standings. Great job Joe!!!

Chris Kutalek - Chris a longtime friend and customer had a shaky start to the season. Chris assisted RPS Owner Marcus McBain with conducting CPR on a racer that ultimately nothing could be done. Chris has had to come to terms a bit with that and he is now comfortable being back on the track again. We look forward to seeing Chris on the track.

Bryan LeMaire - Every few months RPS does a set of forks or shock for a customer and although we try to follow up with every customer, sometimes we just don't hear back directly. Bryan LeMaire was one of those guys. RPS followed up with Bryan after a few months to find out Bryan won his first race of the year and is now a consistent top runner in the Novice Superstock and Superbike classes in CMRA action. GREAT JOB!!!

Bryan Edmonson - Bryan is trying to have a breakout season and it is looking more and more like it is about to happen! Bryan started off the year just trying to finish races. He is now a top runner in the Novice Superstock and Superbike classes. Great Job BRYAN!

Paul Wilkinson - Paul is a quiet competitor and a super nice guy. He is regular top 10 runner in Novice Superstock and Superbike action, but unfortunately he has missed a few races this year due to injury that is going to keep him out of the championship race. RPS is glad to have Paul as a customer.

Charles Christine - Charles has been a customer since RPS started business. Charles generally looks forward to the over 40 class, but don't be fooled. Charles is a hard-nosed competitor and the result is that not only is he leading the Over 40 class in points, but he also is third in the Open Superstock championship too on an aging 02 GSXR-600. RPS is proud that Charles has been a customer for the last several years and we look forward to seeing Charles competing for years to come. Great Job Charles!!!

Lone Star Track Days - Lone Star Track Days stepped up their commitment to the endurance series and the result has been their best Endurance finishes ever and as of July 2006, they stand 1st in the Mediumweight Superstock class and 4th overall in the prestigious CMRA endurance series on their Kawasaki 636.

Junk Yard Dogs - This endurance team is nothing less than an inspiration to endurance enthusiasts. They use bikes that are strictly off the crash/auction block and they use RPS suspension. The result is that they are 3rd Overall in the CMRA endurance series and position 2nd in the Open Superstock Class on their aging 2004 Suzuki GSXR 600. WOW!

Lone Gunmen - Again, what can you say. A smooth riding talented team that just rides very well with RPS suspension. The results are amazing to say the least. 1st place in the CMRA Mediumweight Superbike class and 7th overall in the series. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

Team Penetration Racing - A team made up of endurance only racers, they have overcome some serious obstacles to climb to 10th overall in the endurance series and 3rd in the CMRA Mediumweight Superstock class. Awesome!

GMAN Racing - GMAN has suffered through tough problems all year long and they are definitely looking for better results, but despite this, they are 3rd in the Formula 1 endurance class and have posted 2 top-10 overall finishes. Great job guys.

Sinclair Racing - What do get when you put together a team for fun and experience? Sinclair Racing. A fun approach with a bit of serious effort has resulted in Sinclair Racing earning a 2nd place in the Mediumweight Superbike Class while holding down 11th overall in the CMRA endurance series. Great Job Guys.  

I apologize to those that I forgot to mention. RPS appreciates all of our customers!!!

Marcus McBain

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