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Kelsey Takes the heat at Hallett

July 13, 2011

CMRA racer Danny Kelsey endured the stifling Hallet, Oklahoma heat (109 DEGREES!!!) to post 3 wins during the weekend. The weekend started well for Kelsey, practicing faster that any of his previous "best race times". All the top competitors were "stepping up their game" with Derek Wagnon posting a 1:15.9 to fire the first shot in Sunday's races. With Kelsey's clutch failing at the start he limped home 2nd place while still posting a 1:16.6. The team replaced the clutch in preparation of a late afternoon race that might see the Georgetown, Texas rider break the track record. 


During the heat of the day, Kelsey hammered his competitors while posting best race times of 1:16.5, 1:16.6,and 1:16.6 in winning the A Superstock, Formula One, and A Superbike races respectively.


Lined up for his final race of the day, Kelsey felt the track record was attainable, but starting from row 6, he also realized he must dispatch most of the field before lap 2 when tire performance is optimal. At the drop of the flag, Kelsey put the hammer down and by turn 7 he was in 4th place, but entering into the final turn to gain 3rd place Danny made a rare error and got the Suzuki GSXR-750 locked sideways entering the turn. Bumping into CMRA fast guy Carlos Lescale ensured that the Suzuki was going to be assisted back to the pits on the crash truck. Fortunately Lescale did not crash, but the RPS Suzuki looked ready more for the salvage yard than the racetrack.


The team felt a "little down" leaving the event on that note, but at the same time they left with Kelsey taking3 wins and a 2nd place...great finishes and great points! 


To read more, see the CMRA's press release on RRW.

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