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About RPS Manufacturing/M2.Shocks

Updated May 3, 2016

Racing Performance Services is now RPS Manufacturing. RPS Manufacturing produces M2.Shocks, which are custom performance shocks for Drag Racing, Road Racing, and other sport applications. RPS also is currently designing Harley Davidson emulator fork products and shock linkage products. 

For customers looking for outstanding "Off the shelf" Products, RPS Manufacturing is also a sales and service center for Ohlins and GP Suspension products. Providing custom solutions with M2.Shocks and Ohlins catalogued setup for each of their respective product, RPS Manufacturing provides the a full array of products for the customer. This is achieved by developing a company that respects the customer and their needs...and appreciates you have chosen RPS Manufacturing to provide for your needs. 

The key to all of this is that RPS Manufacturing Dyno tests every M2.Shocks product AFTER it is customer built for you! In the case of our Ohlins Products, we dynotest the shocks...THE EXACT SHOCK OR FORKS WE WILL DELIVER TO YOU, then modify the valving (per Ohlins valving specs) based on your customer profile sheet. NO ONE IN THE UNITED STATES DOES THAT FOR EVERY CUSTOMER....NO ONE!!!

RPS Manufacturing essentially started out in 2002 when Marcus McBain started doing "trackside suspension setups". On the first day, McBain setup 68 bikes at a Ridesmart event at Texas World Speedway. Combined with his own racing school ("Marcus McBain's Advanced Racing School"), there was a great synergy to grow the business.

In 2003, Marcus purchased the suspension assets from South Central Race Center (owned by Pete Martins at the time) and Racing Performance Services was "officially started". 

Finishing the first full year of operations (2004), Racing Performance Servcies was the #1 Traxxion Dynamics dealer in the United States (selling over the 300 fork piston kits alone). As more people approached McBain for help and assistance, the company began to explore its first manufacturing of products and grow the business.

In 2007, Racing Performance Services closed its doors to the public and focused on private services and running the RPS race team.

By 2013, RPS and Marcus McBain had provided products and support that won over 1000 AMA, WERA, ASRA and club championships, track records, and races in road racing, flat track, and drag racing. 

One of the most notable achievements for McBain and RPS was CMRA two time #1 plate holder Danny Kelsey. Marcus personally trained and developed Kelsey in his riding, and prepping his machines...which obviously included suspension! From 2006 to 2013, McBain and Kelsey had worked to achieve over 125 wins, 300 podiums, numerous AMA Pro Racing top 15 finishes, and in 2013 Kelsey was named the Next Moto Champion "Privateer of the year". 

In 2014, McBain closed the company and accepted the position of Market Manager for JRi Shocks. During his tenure, JRi Shocks equipped riders set 2 world records in MIROCK National racing, set the pole position for the Daytona 200, and won hundreds of races. 

Leaving JRi Shocks in 2015, Marcus retired for a year, but realized that he wanted to build and provide shock and suspension technologies "his own way". By January of 2016, the first prototype shock was built. With RPS Manufacting building the M2.Shocks type M2.S2, its first event would be the 2016 Man Cup National Season opener at Valdosta, GA. This would be the first opportunity to showcase the shock's capabilities...the event was an exclamation point of why the company was formed by achieving amazing success.

RPS Manufacturing will always focus on Drag Racing as its primary technology development arena. Drag racing makes shock builders provide products that provide distinct action that works in cylces of hundreths of a second. It is the most difficult technology development field when truly approached to not only win, but set world records.

RPS will never forget or abadon its heritage and history that includes the many riders got their start or have worked closely "on their way up" over the years RPS has been open. This includes former riders Danny Kelsey, M4 Suzuki rider Dane Westby, Ty Howard, Horizon Award winner Cory Burleson, Former M4 & Erion rider Shea Fouchek, and many others.

RPS Manufacturing
History of Marcus McBain and the company in pictures 1992 - Present

Marcus McBain
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