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Can-Am Spyder & Ryker Products

M2.Shocks offers custom MADE IN AMERICA one off performance/touring shocks for all models/year of Can-Am Spyders and Can-Am Ryker.

These shocks not only improve the overall ride quality, but significantly help correct the "Swimming handlebars feeling" that occurs when you are leisurely riding on the highway or riding at lower speeds. Every M2.Shock is custom built per each customer’s specific application using our multi point ordering form.


After custom building the shocks, we then set the spring rate to meet your overall riding needs. Customers can purchase shocks as either a complete set, only front or only rear.

Can Am Spyder Gen4 Manual.jpg

User Manual FOR GEN 4 SHOCKS

Please note: Rather than raise prices, we are no longer doing the "SPYDERLOVERS.COM" discount. We apologize for this, but unfortunately prices to manufacture have gone up tremendously. 

About our NEW Gen III Shocks released January 2022


Can Am Spyder Shocks (2 Front + 1 Rear) 

$1989 a set plus shipping and handling

Rear Only - 989.00

Fronts Only - 1274.00

Can Am Ryker (2 Front + 1 Rear) 

$1785 a set plus shipping and handling

Rear Only - 896.00

Fronts Only - 1221.00

Video Review of M2Shocks

Photo Gallery

Installing and testing Can Am Spyder Shocks

Installing and testing Can Am Ryker Shocks

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