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November 12, 2006 Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

"Winner winner chicken dinner"  in 2006 with Racing Performance Services. That's right...more big wins with more riders that ever before in the history of the company. What else can you say about it! Chicken Dinner for all RPS Sponsored Riders and Customers. Domination at Mid-Ohio for RPS customers and sponsored riders was only the tip of the ice-berg for 2006! Dane Westby put the exclamation point on the RPS winners cake with the Suzuki Finals SV650 National Championship.

Although RPS has shifted part of its focus to running its roadracing team, there were many great stories of how well its suspension products and services worked. In Colorado, RPS Sponsored riders Mike Applegate and Crash Lowe won every 750 class race with the exception of 3 races. Wow, 22 wins out of 25 races in the 750 Endurance, Superstock, and Superbike classes. Domination! Both Applegate and Lowe used RPS fork and Shock Solutions on their winning GSXR-750's.

In CMRA action, team Komodo-RPS riders took home 17 Championship awards, while numerous RPS customers in the CMRA took home other championship glory and race wins. The CMRA effort was capped off with the AMA Sports Mid-Ohio Grand National Championships. During this prestigious event, RPS sponsored riders and customers took home over 20 championship awards and National Championships. Over a dozen other riders in the region earned championships and season awards. Congratulations.  

It was absolutely another great year for RPS sponsored riders and customers.

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