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"How to write a race resume and market your sponsors"

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Saturday November 9, 2013

5:00pm – 7:30pm

Hosted by Motopia Motorcycle Café

4123 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, Texas 75204 presents "How to write a race resume and market your sponsors"


Sponsorship and marketing are dependent on what the racer can provide in terms of on-track performance, marketing, and overall brand enhancement. This dinner provides insight on selecting a resume format (examples of resumes will be provided), what sponsors want to see, and what obligation(s) you need to prepare for when you accept sponsorship. Key items to be discussed include:


Plan your racing program:

Race within your budget. Sponsorship should not replace your personal commitment to your program, but rather enhance your program.


Resume format:

Make sure you send the right format and what is appropriate


What sponsors want from you:

Details on what sponsors want and expect


Marketing through the internet:

Using the Webpages, Facebook, and E-Marketing to the benefit of your racing program.


When you want to accept sponsorship:

Understanding the cost associated with accepting sponsorship


Q&A Session with sponsors:

Ask sponsors what they want to see from racers.


Immediate sponsorship available:

Attendees will be immediately eligible for sponsorship after attending the dinner and completing required forms and applications.


COST: 95.00 (Spouse/Partner only 35.00 more)

Dinner included with seminar

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Date: November 9, 2013

Location: Motopia Motorcycle Café

4123 N. Central Expressway

Dallas, Texas 75204


Call 281.225.2474 or email with questions


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"How to write a race resume and get sponsors"


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Attendees will have the direct opportunity to work with these sponsors and more!







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