S1 or S2? Which shock is best for me?

All drag racers want "the most bang for the buck", but sometimes saving a $175.00 is a really bad idea. Please read below to find out more about our shocks and which shock is best for you.

General shock requirements 

No matter what shock brand or model, you need a shock that has both compression and rebound adjustment. Why? Track conditions change with both the environmental conditions as well as the track surface conditions...AND the track prep itself. Both the M2.Shocks Type M2.S1 "S1" and Type M2.S2 "S2" have adjustable compression and rebound damping rates. The key difference is the amount of adjustability that is designed into each shock.

Open bleed concept

One of the key elements that M2.Shocks owner Marcus McBain employed in his design was the use of an open bleed. Specifically, this allows oil to pass from the top of the piston to the underside WITHOUT the shims having to open. This gives M2.Shocks not only its silky smooth feeling, but also its excellent back half traction characteristics. 

Performance advantage of the S2

Although both shocks have the same piston and adjustable bleed, The S2 definitely has enormous performance advantages. Primarily the larger nitrogen and oil volumes are the key advantage to the S2 as well as the separate compression adjustment. Take a look at the chart at the bottom of this section.

Can't lose proposition

As a customer, both the S1 and S2 represent excellent options for your drag or land speed bike. The best bang for the buck though will be the S2. 

Which one is best for me though?

Since all of our shocks are custom built FOR YOU when YOU ORDER, they are going to work. The key item is understanding the performance difference between the S1 and S2. So long as the operating conditions stay mostly consistent (boost/ramps/HP, track conditions, and environmental), the S1 is "going to get it done and done well". 

For more powerful motorcycles (running under 8.20), you likely are going to want the S2. Why? The S2 handles so much more without major adjustments because of the higher oil volume and nitrogen volume. This allows more robust adjustment, and more consistent performance.  

The S1 is likely the best choice for 8.90 ET bikes and higher. The easy to use integrated adjustment allows for affordable performance without any extra effort to become "shock knowledgeable".

M2.Shocks Technical Overview

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Technical Overview
Technical Overview
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