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M2.Shocks closes out Pro Competition at Man Cup World Finals, prepares for final event of the year.

December 1, 2016

M2.Shocks closed out the 2016 professional competition schedule at the Man Cup world finals hosted by South Georgia Motorsports Park. For the company, it was the opportunity to support riders that have been part of an unprecedented start for the Missouri based shock manufacturer. M2.Shocks also had the privilege of sponsoring the media production of the event and that was exciting enough itself. Highlighting the company’s focus though was the Pro Street class. With 7 M2.Shocks equipped Pro Street bikes scheduled to compete, the company was really focused on providing top support to assist these customers that were equipped with the S2 model.

An added bonus was the participation of Rickey Gadson’s “international team” from Japan. With M2.Shocks finally able to deliver all the shocks required for Gadson to equip all his bikes with the S1 shock...60' times were sure to drop. Leading the charge for Gadson’s team was Masa Yokota who was fresh off his excellent finish in Japan on his S1 equipped Kawasaki H2. The “international team” effort has been something fans have been watching and paying attention to, and M2.Shocks was very happy to be part of something that Rickey Gadson manages…and manages well.


As the event approached, it was with great disappointment that M2.Shocks rider Frankie Stotz was not going to be able to compete due to the ongoing injuries sustained when Stotz was struck by an impaired driver while he was driving his personal car. This still left M2.Shocks the opportunity to support Quicktime Motorsports (Sanzoterra and Hable), St. Julien Motorsports, Pro Street Lucky (Jobbe), HTP Performance (Schnitz), and Sydney Marshall for both the DME All Star Shoot out and Man Cup Pro Street action.  A fun weekend indeed!


“I can’t be more excited for my company and my customers. I know I have said this before, but it is worth mentioning again…my original goal for this year was to build 5-10 shocks and get the business set up. From the first time the shock was introduced, it performed beyond anyone’s imagination. The demand in the market overwhelmed the business plan I setup…and we immediately stopped road racing and Harley Davidson product development to keep up with the demand. We will likely sell over 125 units this year just in drag racing. To get the shop built, hire employees, get an accounting and inventory management system together, finalize parts vendors, attend over 25 competition and testing events, and “always be there for the customer”, it is a very humbling experience. I know that customers can’t just “bolt a shock on” and it takes care of everything. A shock is one part of several components and it takes a multitude of vendors that make our customers successful. I just try to make sure that our company does everything it can to not only make our customers successful, but help prevent them from making mistakes too. I think this strategy is working really well at this point,” noted RPS Manufacturing LLC owner Marcus McBain.


As the week started, things were looking up for all the M2.Shocks Pro Street equipped customers. By Thursday, Quicktime’s Sanzoterra was knocking out fast runs “in the sixes” on Thursday with ease. St Julien, Jobbe, Hable, and Marshall were all fine tuning their bikes. HTP’s Schnitz was getting his Pro Street bike down the track well considering that it has been “run in a while”.  At the same time, all of the teams were battling mechanical gremlins. Despite a lot of skill and talent each rider possessed as well as their support team(s), there were some obstacles that just couldn’t be overcome.


“I was really disappointed for the guys and their sponsors. Every rider faced at least one major mechanical issue and it was a lot to overcome. This event showcased what Pro Street competition really is all about…the best companies with the best equipment…and trying to make it work and make their customers successful. Again, our company’s part is small in many cases when you look at the work the other vendors do for these guys…nevermind the amount of work each rider puts in. We are proud to support all of these folks…and I greatly appreciate these guys choosing our product,” stated McBain.

With a lot of smiles coming from Gadson’s camp, many of the Pro Street riders setting personal bests, it was a very rewarding weekend. Again, M2.Shocks can’t thank these teams and riders enough for allowing the company to be “part of their fun”.


M2.Shocks will close out the 2016 competition season at Bradenton, Florida with the final “Kings of Grudge” event. M2.Shocks equipped riders have been making a huge impact on the series with several “Big 8” wins and many top finishes.

For more information about M2.Shocks, go or just find us on facebook at

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