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Metric Sport Premium Shocks and Forks

Looking for a custom shock OR forks from a company that knows the different build requirements for the variety of use of metric sport bikes? 

M2Shocks can make your custom shock that will not only meet your expectations, BUT exceed them! From the front row of AMA National events, to the street ride that fuels your soul...M2Shocks has successfully done it all. That is why we are a custom shock company...we don't sell you what is on your shelf...WE SELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED!

With M2Shocks custom made shocks, we use a variety of valving solutions to ensure that you have both FEEL and Control. The key is our open jet technology. Although more difficult to build, we spare no time to ensure your dyno tuned shock will allow your tires to work optimally and provide comfort & control.


Metric Sportbike (Street and Road Race) - This is for stock wheelbase metric street bikes for Street and/or Track use. We comprehensively get the information needed to make the perfect shock for your application. From daily commuter to AMA/Motor America Superbike  Fill this form out 

Our S1, S1 Pro, S2, and S3 shocks can deliver the performance you have been wanting. 

Our Pro Fork Revalve service provides a quality product with spring, valving, and machining of the fork to provide you a "Superbike Spec Fork"

Pro Fork Revalve Fork Service

Our technology deployed in our Pro Fork Service is "second to none". Originally developed in 2005, it set the track record at historic Oak Hill Raceway with sponsored rider Ty Howard aboard the first weekend the technology was deployed. Our Pro Fork Service features several key items that apply to all fork technologies:

1. "Soft" mid-valve action that is neither too firm (problematic in conventional cartridges), but firm enough prevent "bounce settling" when transitioning off the brakes.

2. Digressive compression valving. The allows firm feel during initial action, but allows compliance over bumps when velocity increases. 

3. Matched Spring Rates. We re-spring your forks to match your rider weight and ensure you get smooth suspension action without excessive diving. 

4. Superbike Fork Finishes. When you get your Pro Fork Serviced forks will think you you just got some $2500.00 superbike forks back when you see etched lines in the forks that allows you to easily set ride height. We additionally will lengthen your big piston forks to achieve optimal geometry.  

Our metric street and track performance is long and rich...RPS Race Team featured on CBS Sports and the featured team for the Dynojet TV promotion.

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