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M2.S2 Remote Reservoir HD Shocks and 49mm Touring Fork Kit Combo

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Get the ultimate ride for your 2014 and newer bagger...using our High Quality Remote Reservoir Double Adjustable Shocks AND our propriety technology in our Fork Kit that turns your bagger into a performance and comfort wagon!


M2.S2 REMOTE RESERVOIR DOUBLE ADJUSTABLE GEN III SHOCKS. Our M2.S2 Double Adjustable puts you in complete control of your Harley Davidson's chassis with precise and easy to adjust damping with M2Shocks. Our S2 Double Adjustable shocks have been incredibly well received and have scored big with our customers! Featuring a complete setting bank of damping configurations, M2Shocks will deliver shocks that make you feel like you won the lottery! Featuring a robust 23 position compression adjuster, bearing mounted springs, hiem joint mounts, and 6" or 7" springs (to prevent spring deflection into the shock), you are ready to ride your next 100,000 miles in comfort and style!

M2.VTwin GEN III Shocks come in Lengths from 11" to 14.5". Let us put you on our shocks so you can feel the difference of TRUE CUSTOM shocks! For 2014 and newer baggers, M2Shocks delivers the shock at 12.75" in length with a normal "sitting position" of 12"


This is the absolute best front fork kit for 49mm Harley Davidson forks. Our revolutionary Preload adjusters allow the most the critical adjustment (Spring Tension) to become an easy and effective adjustment. Following our installation instructions, you will be able to put up 2.5" of preload on your front forks with ease!

Combined with our powerful Pro Flow Regulator, our 49mm fork kit is proving to be the best option (BAR NONE!) for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Using our proprietary Bleed Eliminator, you will have valving performance you always dreamed of. Road road tracks will be fun to cross rather than a "neutral throttle and then brace yourself".

Our last ingredient is our proprietary Fusion Spring System. The most progressively stiff spring system you can get. Our spring system allows soft comfort in the first 2.25" of travel and then a very smooth increase in spring tension the second 2" of travel. You will never fear your front end diving hard and "bouncing back" at a stop...EVER AGAIN.

Our 49 Touring Performance Fork kit is a dream come true!

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