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Pro Fork Mk II

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PRO FORK Mk II - The Pro Fork Mk II kit generally reduces the length of forks by about 3.5” to 4”. Big Piston forks generally can be reduced by about 3.5” to 3.75”. Conventional damper rod forks can be reduced by 3.75” to 4”. We like to always have at least a ½” to ¾” of travel so that fork can work properly. Here are some references to help you:

BIG PISTON FORKS – These are normally installed on newer model GSXR’s, ZX-10’s, and Kawasaki H2’s.

STANDARD DAMPER ROD FORKS – These forks are generally on ZX-14’s, Hayabusa’s, and Pre-2009 GSXR’s

REAL STREET - For ZX-14's, we can provide maximum fork height reduction without any additional cost. On some Suzuki's, there is $50.00 additional charge for machining the damping rod to prevent rebound and compression valve collision.

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