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May 3, 2017

RPS Manufacturing holds its third "Drag bike suspension and chassis school" for 2017 at the RPS production facility in St. James, Missouri

Event Date MAY 27th, 2017

(Click here to enroll)

Have you wondered what constitutes a "Great Setup" on your motorcycle dragbike?

Have you wondered, "How do I stop wheelies?"

Have you wondered, "What is a shock supposed to do when it is all working right?

The questions and many more are answered in the "Drag bike suspension and chassis school". 

Classes are 175.00 per person - Costs include lunch and 50-Page Suspension setup book.

Here is all the information on the school:

Join RPS Manufacturing for a unique and detailed ONE DAY class on motorcycle chassis setup for drag racing.


Dates (East Coast): Saturday, March 4th @ OHLINS USA/Hendersonville, North Carolina

Dates (Central US):Saturday, April 1st @ RPS Manufacturing/St. James, Missouri


One Day Class, Provides the following:


Morning – Theory and understanding (9:00-12:00)

-Introduction and tour of facility

-Conventional Shock building and how it applies to your setup

-Linkage dynamics and how to maximize the performance of your shock to work with your linkage

-Swingarm pivot and rear wheel axle setup & corresponding effects of height changes

-How to analyze your dyno sheet and tune to match your chassis setup

-Clutch setup and how to maximize short times without compromising consistency

-Wheelies, spinning, overall traction through your run, Why they happen and how prevent it

-How to use video to improve your tuning...and to allow your vendors to help you better...with no special tools or costs (NOTE: 95% have everything they need to put together excellent video for themselves and their vendors...for better support).

LUNCH – 1 Hour (Lunch provided by RPS Manufacturing)

Afternoon – Final setup information and hands on setup (1:00-4:00)

-The setup differences between Street/Pro ET, Sportsman, Real Street, Pro Street, and Grudge.

-Real demonstration of shocks/installation/setup/etc.


-Open discussion and demonstration until class completion. This includes real theory/application, installing and setting up shocks, 
Each student receives a 75 page class book that allows the student to, “Take it with them”.


To join the class, simply go to and click on, “RPS Drag Racing Suspension School”. You also can call the RPS Manufacturing offices at 573.265.0733 for more information. 

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