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The M2.S3 is the "Flagship Shock" for M2Shocks. It provides both extreme damping capabilities and low traction capabilities. 

With a dedicated 2nd Piston, The adjustable high speed circuit provides precision control no other retail drag shock can boast. 

Key Features of the S3 are:

- 6061 made from billet adjustable spring collar

- Eibach quality race springs

- Torrington bearings (top and bottom) helps alleviate spring stiction allowing better traction through 3rd through 6th gear.  

- 25 position low speed compression adjustment helps provide precise compression movement.

- 9 click High Speed Adjuster makes adjustments simple and noticeable. 

- 72 click rebound adjuster allows robust rebound adjustment and control

- Made from billet/radius cut perches and eyelet spacers add to the beauty of our shocks. 

- A 14" hose with swivel endings provides all the options with ease needed for installation


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