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Metric Street Performance Premium Shocks and Forks

Looking for a custom shock OR forks from a company that knows the different build requirements for the variety of use of metric sport bikes and Street Performance?


M2Shocks can make your custom shock that will not only meet your expectations, BUT exceed them!




We provide three (2) Distinctive Shock builds based on application and use:

Metric Sportbike (Street and Road Race) - This is for stock wheelbase metric street bikes for Street and/or Track use. We comprehensively get the information needed to make the perfect shock for your application. From daily commuter to AMA/Motor America Superbike  Fill this form out 



Street Performance (ZX-10, ZX-14, GSX-1300R, and GSXR-1000) - Our Street Performance shocks are made for both stock wheelbase AND extended swingarm bikes / higher HP motorcycles that are primarily street ridden. They handle the high HP of these bikes while providing comfort for street use AND performance when the occasional "trip to the strip" takes place.  


Our S1, S1 Pro, S2, and S3 shocks can deliver the performance you have been wanting. 

Our Pro Fork Revalve service provides a quality product with spring, valving, and machining of the fork to provide you a "Superbike Spec Fork"

Our metric street and track performance is long and rich...RPS Race Team featured on CBS Sports and the featured team for the Dynojet TV promotion.

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