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Key REASONS TO CHOOSE M2Shocks for Can Am Spyder and Ryker

1. Highest quality parts available in the market - That's right, the same parts (Shaft, needle, bearings, etc.) we use for your shocks is the same technology that we use to set numerous world records and track records with products delivered to over 27 countries!

2. Unparalleled Quality - You have seen the numerous customers that use our product from Youtube Videos, testimonies on, and other forums/groups...DID YOU KNOW THAT WE HAVE ONLY DELIVERED TWO SHOCKS THAT EVER THAT LEAKED OUT OF THE 1000's of shocks made? How is this possible? Google search our main competitors and you will see why this is so important.

We test, test, and test again to make sure your product will last for years to come...NO ONE..REPEAT...NO ONE delivers a product as well built and tested as RPS Manufacturing/M2.Shocks.

3. World Record Racing (not just racing) really does make a difference - When you build shocks that have historically set astounding world didn't just build a shock for that worked with them. The level of involvement is extensive and utilizing the most advanced stand alone systems provides data and knowledge second to none! By going to the racetrack...the big reward for us AND THE CUSTOMER is that we have extensive data of linkage setups, chassis, and how the shocks work in so many situations in the most minute detail is invaluable. YES, winning on Sunday is a huge benefit to the customer on Monday.

4. Don't take our word for it...listen to our customers. :) 

- Video Review (See Video Review on Media Plane or go to: )

- Written Review on  ( )

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