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Revalved Shocks

December 9th, 2018

What if you could purchase a shock that performs as well (IN MANY CASES BETTER) than most manufacturer's "Aftermarket Shocks" at an incredible price? Some might consider this a dream, but at M2.Shocks it is fact and reality. 
Drag Race (Order Here)

Our re-valved shock can handle almost anything you can throw at them. Based off our world record setting technology in Pro Street, M2.Shocks revavled shocks will meet the needs of motor and Nitrous bikes up to 325hp. We still recommend our S2 for higher HP or Turbo bikes for optimal compression control.

With damping numbers higher than many competitor's motorcycle drag racing shocks (new or revalved) available, customers can get exceptional "fine tune control" which allows for exceptional "higher horsepower" control off the line.Typical compression valving ranges by over 300lbs according to build specifications requirements...WOW!

Road Race (Order Here)


What if a shock company that had built suspension products that customers used to win 1000's of races employed that experience into a revalved shock? The M2.Shocks road race revalved shocks provide dynomometer tuned performance that enhances compression and rebound performance for ultimate control.

Our Linear/Linear replacement piston provides precision performance that works on the street OR the track.


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