Drag Race and Land Speed Products

M2.Shocks for Drag and Land Speed Racing are designed to be the best in the world...no exception. 

M2.Shocks for drag racing are exclusively unique and perform better for one simple reason...WE DESIGNED OUR DRAG RACE SHOCK FROM SCRATCH...TO BE A DRAG RACING SHOCK. WE DID NOT CONVERT OUR ROAD RACE SHOCK FOR DRAG RACING.

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Which shock is best for you? The M2.Shocks type M2.S1 "S1" or the type M2.S2 "S2" can handle any drag racing or land speed requirements. HOWEVER, there is more than "just bolting the shock on and setting up one time". To find out which shock is best for you, CLICK HERE 


When customers choose M2.Shocks drag racing products, they not only get a great shock, but also world class service. RPS Manufacturing (RPS) has been dedicated to superior customer service for over 15 years...nothing is going to change that now. 

All M2.Shocks are built for each individual customer. This includes providing length, valving, and spring rate that is exactly for your shock requirements. 

Don't take a chance on your success, make sure that you choose M2.Shocks for the best performance possible. To get a quote OR for M2.Shocks to give you more information on what our shocks will do for you, please call us or fill out the Quote/Order form below.

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M2.S2 - $1087 + S/H


Are you on a late model sport bike and looking to compete in land speed events? M2.Shocks is THE CHOICE YOU WANT TO MAKE. 


M2.Shocks' has already made a name for itself with IDBL, Man Cup, and NHDRO racers for BACK HALF/NO SPIN traction...which is what you need to turn your horsepower into a world record. Because we custom make EVERY SHOCK we sell, you will get the right product with the best performance for your motorcycle. Please call us or fill out the Quote/Order form below.


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M2.S2 and S3 Mk II Shock(s)
M2.S2 and S3 Mk II Shock(s)

Our Double and Triple adjustable shock.

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