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CMRA Formula Race at MSR Cresson


Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 8:47 min

Youtube directlink: http://youtu.be/9kP6j8pvxv8


Video of Danny Kelsey batting at MSR Cresson against fierce competition at near track record speeds.

Kelsey & RPSRaceTeam.com on CBS Sports


Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 2:34 min

Youtube directlink: http://youtu.be/s9I-Ww8HOiI


Copy of air time/segments during the 2013 AMA Pro National Guard Superbike race at Mid-Ohio. Features a spot for Dynojet and Danny Kelsey battling Huntley Nash and Chris Ulrich at the closing of the race.   

Rider run over in A Superstock @ MSR


Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 11:46 min

Youtube directlink: http://youtu.be/yIIXyr-3RH0


Video of Danny Kelsey during the CMRA Sprint Championship Series A Superstock.race. At the 9:00 mark all hell breaks loose, but fortunately everyone walks/rides away.

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Aug 25, 2013     CMRA Breast Cancer Research Awareness Formula One race


Aug 25 2013      CMRA A Superstock Expert race at MSR Cresson


Aug 25 2013      Danny Kelsey at MSR Cresson CMRA Spring Championship Series Round 8


July 27, 2013     Danny Kelsey hits 182 MPH at Texas World Speedway​


July 15, 2013     Danny Kelsey and RPSRaceTeam.com on CBS Sports Network


July 8, 2013       Danny Kelsey runs over CMRA rider at MSR Cresson in A Superstock


July 8, 2013       Danny Kelsey "stone cold" performance during Solo 30 at MSR Cresson


June 28, 2013    Video montage of Danny Kelsey @ AMA Pro National Guard Superbike racing action


June 24, 2013    170+ MPH at NOLA Motorsports Park with Danny Kelsey


June 14, 2013    Video montage of Danny Kelsey @ Hallett Motor Racing circuit


June 4, 2013      Rush Hour Traffic for Danny Kelsey during CMRA sprint racing practice


June 4, 2013      Danny Kelsey smashes the Hallet Motor Racing Circuit lap record


May 22, 2013      Danny Kelsey turns fast laps at the Hallet "Team 60" race


April 28, 2013    Video Montage of Danny Kelsey at Eagles Canyon Raceway


April 22, 2013    Inaguaral Team 60 event at Texas World Speedway


April 19, 2013    Breast Cancer Research Awareness Formula One podium celebration


April 15, 2013    Danny Kelsey and Ty Howard battle at Eagles Canyon Raceway


Mar 25, 2013     "THE MONUMENTAL BATTLE" between Danny Kelsey and Ty Howard