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M2Shocks Harley Davidson Performance Suspension

M2 Shocks is proud to present our performance Shock and Fork Suspension products for Harley Davidson riders.

Our shocks are custom crafted suspension components that are designed to be an unmistakably performance product both visually and relative to the operating standard that we deliver.

Our Fork Kits are revolutionary in how they change the approach of achieving excellent comfort AND performance for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle. With proprietary designs and patent applied for, our fork kits are the most pleasant technology you will add to improve you Harley Davidson motorcycle. 

With the majority of parts manufactured in our Rolla, Missouri facility, we provide Made in America suspension products that perform at the highest levels. Street or track...All products are produced with the same attention and detail that all our World Record Setting shock and fork products are made with. 

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Our Touring, Super Street, and Drag Race shocks are made for Comfort AND Performance. We machine shafts and body tubes to extract the most chamber volume possible...which is the key to a comfortable ride or the ultimate performance!

*Each shock features over 70 Clicks of actual adjustment! That is right, We provide a shock that has over 70 Clicks of REAL Adjustment. This provides the largest range of adjustment in the industry!

*Maximum Stroke for comfort and Performance - Our shocks features maximum stroke. Using our beautiful and functional 7075 Billet bases, we can provide maximum stroke for the best comfort and performance. 

*Bearing mounted springs -  All M2Shocks feature needle bearing seats to provide smooth action and prevent spring seat stiction that can torque the shaft assembly against the body tube.

*Heim Joints Only - Our shocks feature Heim Joints on all models for precise control and performance.


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Street &Touring Harley Davidson

Drag Race/Superstreet Harley Davidson


Single Adjustable Shocks 1199.00

Double Adjustable Shocks 1899.00

Soft Tail Shock Single Adjustable 949.00 (2018 and up)Soft Tail Shock Double Adjustable 1149.00 (2018 and up)


Single Adjust Trike Shocks 1399.00


49mm Touring Fork Kit 1079.00
49mm Superstreet Fork Kit 1079.00

41mm Touring Fork Kit 799.00

41mm Superstreet Fork Kit 799.00

49mm DRAG RACE KIT 499.00
41mm DRAG RACE KIT 499.00

COMBO KITS (Limited Time Pricing)



Single Adjust Shocks and 49mm Touring Kit

(Regularly 2278.00, COMBO PRICE 1999.00 SAVE 279.00!)

Double Adjust Shocks and 49mm Touring Kit
(Regularly 2978.00, COMBO PRICE 2478.00 SAVE 500.00!)



Single Adjust Shocks and 41mm Touring Kit

(Regularly 1998.00, COMBO PRICE 1728.00 SAVE 270.00!)

Double Adjust Shocks and 41mm Touring Kit
(Regularly 2678.00, COMBO PRICE 2378.00 SAVE 300.00)

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