Harley/VTwin Suspension Products

Our Harley/VTwin shocks are designed and manufactured with the same attention to detail as our record setting and championship winning drag racing shocks.  All M2.Shocks are custom built for each individual customer, which includes providing; length, valving, and spring rate for your setup. 

We have three classifications for our Harley/VTwin products, which are then further customized to your individual ride requirements. We guarantee our touring shocks will be as smooth and compliant as you could ever need!


Standard Touring – No additional horsepower performance products, but looking for a much-improved ride for your touring and street focused ride

Street Performance – Increased horsepower, bolt-on type kits (pipe, tuner, intake) but still street ridden


Track Performance – Full blown race application built to win races and set records


One of the keys to our overwhelming success here at RPS Manufacturing is that we dyno test every single M2.Shock after it is custom built for you. 


The dyno testing is a critical component in ensuring that the product performs exactly to the standards required to meet your specific setup.  It also allows us to have an unmatched success rate of truly custom-made shocks, all manufactured right here in the United States.


And although we have an extensive history in racing, we realize the importance of making a shock setup that works for all the road conditions you'll see.  Whether you live in the Northeast or Midwest and see a lot of potholes, or just need to have a more stable feel when crossing a set of railroad tracks.  We guarantee you'll love your new set of custom M2.Shocks for your Vtwin.



Single adjustable $997 + S/H

Piggyback shock $1399 + S/H